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Sharing and learning to share are great acts I think all should practice…

In childhood, we learn the act of sharing but we never really understand its benefit until we grow older and practice it further. We start to realize the beauty of it. We learn along the way moments of compromise and compassion for one another. Moments of kindness and gratefulness. This only happens when we start truly practicing LIFE.

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Life has a lot to offer, and people come with different backgrounds and cultures. This is how everyone has something unique to offer and share with the great public. When we start sharing, we teach others different views on life. We help them discover areas of improvement. We let them decide on their path. This helps everyone appreciate every feedback and comment they get along their life-journey.

“When we model good sharing in life, we give others a great example to follow.”

Sharing has absolutely no restriction on age, color, gender, religion, or where you come from. It has all to do with your background, experiences, knowledge in life, and your values and principles you stand by. Hence, we all can.

In my last sharing experience, I had the pleasure of offering some advice to some stranger I met in a conference. It was about succeeding in Toastmasters and life in general. I had shared with her my personal view based on my experiences and knowledge. I had summarized it in what I call the KEY to succeeding.

Sharing is caring so start the first step and try to make a difference in someone else’s life. Your experiences and knowledge will only value the moment you start sharing it with others. When we model good sharing in life, we give others a great example to follow.

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